A recap of multichannel marketing in 2013

Thrivase 2013 RecapIn 2013, we have seen an increase in interest in multichannel marketing and digital channels and in addition to multichannel strategy and consulting, we have implemented various online channels for our customers, including websites, apps, email marketing, webcasting, internal communications, online learning and social media.

Here are our thoughts and reflections on healthcare digital marketing in 2013:

  • With patents expiring, months of falls in prescription volume and declining sales (e.g. the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme is down 11% in the last year), companies have been looking for alternative, cost effective opportunities to reach and engage customers. Not surprisingly, the focus on digital channels has increased.
  • Use of mobile devices has moved well into the early majority, with 30%+ of Internet usage coming from mobile devices in some of our online activities. If your website or email campaign is not mobile optimised – you are seriously missing an opportunity.
  • iPad detailing has become mainstream – over 80% of US based pharma reps now use iPads. Adoption across Australia and Asia Pacific is not quite at this level, but it is getting close. Now the device alone is not enough to be innovative, you must innovate with content.
  • Clients have started thinking about tailoring digital content to the customer – see our November article on personalised iPad detailing content.
  • Thinking is slowly moving from product, to product + value added services to optimise the patient experience. We like this post by Robbie McCarthy on the importance of focussing on the patient experience. We’ll share about patient experience next month.

In January, rather than looking back, we will look forward and share our thoughts on the multichannel marketing trends to watch in 2014.

Wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the team at Thrivase.



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