buyer personasIt is very rare to come across a person without a smartphone these days. Whether it is an Apple, Samsung or one of the many others, the era of smartphones doesn’t appear to be slowing down. There is a common misconception in Australia that Apple has the greatest market share and that you should only make applications for iOS. However, the truth is out. A recent study by Kantar World Panel found that Android had over half of the market share in Australia, while iOS had only one third as of September, 2015. On a global scale, Android has over 80% of the market share versus iOS with just over 10%.

If you’re not familiar with the different operating systems, here’s a recap. Apple’s iOS is the operating system for iPhones, iPods and iPads. Google developed the Android operating system, which is licensed for use by smartphone manufacturers. Brands such as Samsung, Sony, HTC and Motorola use Android as their operating systems. Google’s smartphone, Nexus, also uses Android.

The question most companies face is which operating system should you develop apps for? If you have the resources to do so, find out what platform your customers prefer. If you find your customers use both Android and iOS, which is most likely, then the answer is simple, develop applications for the both of them.

At Thrivase, we believe in developing applications across the different operating systems. If you are interested in app development, we’d love to have a chat and show you some of the apps we have developed to help both healthcare professionals and patients.