email marketingWith an abundance of email marketing already filling your digitally savvy customer’s inbox, it is essential to send personalised and relevant communication to engage them. Email marketing remains a powerful in the development of customer relationships. It provides fast communication, is cost-effective, targets selected audiences, personalises communication and allows for campaign tracking.

A recent Australian email metrics report found that the highest open rates occur on Monday and Friday, respectively. However, the industry average does not apply to all audiences. Finding what works best for your company and your customers can take some trial and error.

Automated email marketing is a great option to consider for customer engagement in a cost effective way. Automated emails could include welcome emails for new customers, product support emails, product review requests, Happy Birthday emails, reminder emails and more.

Email marketing is now a preferred form of communication for Healthcare customers. Email open rates, click through rates and bounce rates are just some of the metrics used to assess a campaigns performance. The metrics report also found that the Healthcare industry performed higher than the overall industry for open rates, click through rates and had a lower bounce rate for email marketing. If you are interested in an email marketing strategy for you customers, give the team at Thrivase a call.

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